Influential Profit Factors

I am so glad you're here! If you find that you are working way too hard for your current results, you have something valuable to offer in the world, and you'd like to become the leader your business (and the world) is ready for, then chances are there are a few Influential Profit Factors you could implement.

Each section represents an important element for creating the results you are wanting. In just 4 minutes you’ll discover two things:

  1. Where you are on track toward being a confident, capable leader.

  2. What areas you need to focus on to accomplish your goals and dreams in a more sustainable (and joyful) way!

Let's Get Started!

0-3 = I haven't even started this yet.
4 -6= I've given this some attention.
7 -9= I'm doing really well here.
10 = I have totally mastered this.

I. Vision & Purpose

1. I know what my purpose is and how I am uniquely qualified to contribute in a meaningful way.

2. I have a compelling, written vision for where I want my life to be 5 years from now.

3. I have a vision that’s bigger than what I can pull off on my own.

4. I have aligned my daily actions, projects and goals with my big vision and make meaningful progress on a weekly basis.

II. Influence & Leadership Factors

1. I have developed a position of influence through one or more social media platforms which we nurture daily.

2. I have an influence positioner like a podcast, book, live events or other way in which I inspire my tribe.

3. My community experiences me as being a leader they can trust and turn to me for inspiration, connection and guidance.

4. I am actively speaking on stages, giving interviews and having others feature my message through their platforms.

III. Profitability & Cash Flow

1. I have consistent cash flow that covers my monthly needs.

2. I currently have offerings that generate consistent cash without my time and energy delivering it.

3. I have established a working financial reserve that allows me to make investments in my growth with confidence.

4. My business is profitable and I am able to pay myself a significant salary each month.

IV. The Inner Game

1. I have a strong belief in myself and my ability to achieve my goals and dreams.

2. I am extremely confident in my ability to be the leader my team and community needs me to be.

3. I do not take personally disappointments, project failures and sales rejection.

4. I have strategies that help me moving out of fear, procrastination or problems so they don’t derail my progress.

5. I remain calm and grounded even in times of crisis or difficulty.

6. I am able to stay focused on my big vision, maintaining a positive attitude and stay inspired.

V. Planning & Productivity

1. I have a written plan that lays out the step by step actions for achieving our goals over the next year.

2. I have written monthly, quarterly and annual goals that my team is aware of.

3. I have a process for monitoring progress to our goals so we know when to make corrections or shift course.

4. I have a clear boundary with myself and others to maintain my productivity time and work schedule.

5. I have the tools and systems that enable me to operate at an extremely high level of productivity.

6. I am clear on the right projects and opportunities and am able to confidently say no to distractions.

VI. Team Building

1. Each team member is clear about their role and understands what is expected from them.

2. Our team meetings are productive, positive and support each individual to do their best work.

3. My team is able to take ownership and work autonomously on revenue generating activities.

4. As a leader, I am able to let go and delegate tasks and roles so I am not a bottleneck to growth.

5. My team is able to cooperate and collaborate efficiently, thoughtfully and equally.

VII. Communication

1. We have a process for proactively communicating goals, deadlines and changes within my team, community and partners.

2. I have a clear process in place for resolving conflict or miscommunication among the team.

3. I have honed my ability to praise people for a job well done and celebrate accomplishments.

4. When delegating to others I ensure they are clear about the expectations and timelines.

VIII. Your Commitment Level (0=not committed, 10=totally committed)

1. I realize the value of working with a coach to discover what I need to do to take my business to the next level.

2. I am willing to invest both emotionally and financially to explore options to bring my leadership impact and business profitability to the next level.

3. I am willing to commit time and energy to achieving my dreams and goals.

4. I highly value a complimentary evaluation session and will schedule one immediately if qualified.

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